Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent

Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agent

February 23, 2021

Whether you have purchased insurance before or are completely new to the insurance world it can be overwhelming and confusing. A great place to start is to understand the different ways you can purchase insurance.

3 Types of Insurance Agents

Captive Agents:

  • Captive agents are only able to write insurance for a specific company. The agent is tied to a specific provider. Examples of providers that sell this type of insurance are Allstate, State Farm, or Farmers.  

Direct Agents:

  • The direct agent is an insurance agent that is strictly online and has no physical buildings. These agents do everything online and can give you cheap coverage but may not give you the comprehensive customer experience you want. Examples of providers that you would find online are Geico and The General.

Independent Agents:

  • Independent insurance agents are able to give you the benefits of both captive and direct agents. Independent agents have access to a wide amount of insurance providers that can give you the complete coverage and experience you need at a competitive rate.

4 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

    1. Personalized Service: Clients are not just a number! The agent takes the time to get to know the client’s exact situation and how to insure them properly. The agent takes the time to build a relationship to better serve the client. Independent agencies are local and a member of your community which makes the customer experience that much better. You will feel more connected to the company and the agent handling your insurance needs. 
    2. Variety of Options: An Independent agent represents multiple companies meaning the agent can quote you with multiple companies to find you the right coverage at the best price. Ultimately, will help you save money and help you be properly covered when unexpected events happen.
    3. Licensed Experts: Independent agents are licensed professionals. They can share their knowledge with you which allows you to make more informed decisions.   
    4. Claims Assistance: If you need to make a claim your independent agent is with you every step of the way to help make sure you get an acceptable settlement.


Why You Should Choose The Dana Company as your Independent Insurance Agency

The Dana Company is a trusted insurance provider that makes sure the customer experience goes above and beyond. The client is the top priority and gets individualized support by a motivated agent that is determined to find you the best coverage and price to meet your needs.

  A trusted independent insurance provided at The Dana Company, Max Schaefer, shares his thoughts on why Independent Insurance agents can benefit you.

“Our company is the right fit for every one of our insureds because we work with numerous well known companies, giving us broad knowledge on insurance trends and industry coverages. This gives us lots of options to make sure we find you the best price and coverage. If your premium increases we already have all of your information which makes the re-market process simple – you won’t have to go out and give all their information to another agent or company. When you don’t have an independent insurance agent switching is stressful because if you were to switch from State Farm to Country Financial, for example, you would have to share all your information again to a different company. However, at an independent company switching to a new provider doesn’t mean you have to go through the headache of relaying all your information because your insurance agent already knows it and will still be your contact no matter the company that your insurance is through.”

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