How Winter Disasters Are Covered

How Winter Disasters Are Covered

December 21, 2021

There is a difference between a cold snap, a blizzard, and an unprecedented winter catastrophe. For many people throughout the country, the latter is their reality.

There is something very important to know if you are one of the millions affected by this storm. Insurance covers damage based on the cause of the accident. Most homeowners policies cover damage caused by ice, specifically in the following ways:

  • Weight of ice and snow—Most dwelling and homeowners policies cover damage caused by collapse from ice and snow.
  • Frozen pipes/HVAC—Plumbing or HVAC equipment that is damaged by frozen water or snow should be covered under most policies.
  • Structural damage—If ice or snow causes cracks in your walls, floors, or exterior, this can also be covered.
  • A BIG exception—Damage caused OFF OF YOUR PROPERTY is not covered. This includes damage to other locations that cause a loss of power. 

Insurance companies will be overworked with the number of claims from these storms.  Please be patient and let us know how we can help as we all navigate the aftermath of this severe winter weather.