Prepare for Cold Weather

Prepare for Cold Weather

November 09, 2023

As the seasons start to change in the Midwest, it is important to start getting things prepared for when the weather gets colder. There are many instances that can occur during bad weather that can leave you in a rut without the proper equipment and planning. Listed are a few things that you can put in place to keep you safe.

Prepare Your Home: You can keep things warmer and keep the cold out by applying caulk and weatherstrips to windows inside. It is also smart to stock your home with enough food, water, and supplies to last for days without power in case of a power outage. If temperatures get below freezing for an extended period of time, keep one of your faucets at a constant drip to prevent your pipes from freezing and possibly bursting.

Prepare Your Car: Make sure you keep extra warm clothing and blankets somewhere easily accessible in your car in case of a break down. You should also check your tire pressure, anti-freeze levels, and inspect your battery. Top off your gas tank as often as possible to prevent from freezing and switch your windshield fluid to a winter formula to keep from freezing as well. Having an emergency kit including jumper cables, a snow shovel, and a bag of sand can be helpful if you get stuck.

Keep an eye on the weather: Even though we can’t always predict cold weather in advance, we can prepare by tuning into weather forecasts. You should check the forecast regularly and listen to weather alerts just in case.

Cold weather is manageable with the proper equipment. Midwest winters are often unpredictable and making sure that you are prepared for whatever can happen will keep you safer in the long run. So, make sure you are bundled up and ready for when the cold weather hits!